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We work on issues related to natural resources, tourism, and facilitate community-led activities.


As well as beach cleans, we educate, inform and inspire; and campaign about environmental issues in the Outer Hebrides.


Contact your local Coastal Ambassador​ to find out how you can get involved in one of our projects.


If there isn't a Coastal Ambassador near you, or you're interested in becoming one, drop us an email to

Beach Cleans

We organise beach clean ups across the Outer Hebrides. As well as cleaning beaches with local communities, we charter marine vessels to take clean up teams to inaccessible beaches.

Check out our Events section to find a Beach Clean near you. If you'd like to organise a beach clean, get in touch at

Educational Ambassadors

Our future generations are the key to protecting our coastal environment for many years to come. We have Educational Ambassadors delivering sessions in Schools, Community Groups and Clubs.

If you would like us to deliver a session for your organisation, drop us an email to

Polluter Responsibility

We believe that everybody should be responsible for the waste that they produce, and that includes commercial and industrial polluters.

The organisations that create the waste are just as responsible for it as consumers. We work with local industries to identify and manage waste that gets into the coastal environment.

Community Outreach

We engage with community groups / community associations / community councils around the islands, supporting their clean up efforts and co-ordinate responses to wider environmental issues.

Get in touch with us to find out what support we can offer to your organisation, and see how your efforts fit into the bigger picture.

Plastic Free Communities

We're working with individuals, local businesses, and stakeholder groups to identify ways that single use plastic can be reduced in our communities.


We are campaigning for the whole of the Outer Hebrides to achieve Plastic Free Communities status from Surfers Against Sewage. Find out more here.

Marine Conservation

We represent the interests of the Outer Hebrides at national and international forums.


We are an active member in the Coastal Communities Network, and take part in and contribute to consultations on matters such as Marine Protected Areas, UK Fisheries Act, Seaweed Harvesting




Protecting our Coastline and Oceans

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