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Clean Coast Outer Hebrides works with schools, scientific institutions, businesses, and community resources to enhance marine science education and literacy in the Outer Hebrides community.

Resources for Parents Dealing with #COVID19 School Closures

We do not endorse or recommend any of the following websites or materials but offer the links as a service to parents who are looking for educational activities. We provide these links because we either known them to be useful or have used them. There are more links to educational sites and fun ocean science related games further down this list.


Over 30 Virtual Fieldtrips with Links Online New Zealand Fieldtrips and Climate Change Exercise Virtual Fieldtrips with Discovery Education Google VR Expeditions (best seen using VR headset but 360 degree view works on a computer too). List of over 900 virtual expeditions here. List of education companies offering free subscriptions because of the school closings: Global Trek National Museum of Natural History The Geology of Britain in Minecraft Panoramas of the World

Code Based Educational Resources

Educational Activities & Materials

Storlann (gaelic) WHOI Khan Academy Learn from home resources–free-resources-for-school-closures.html Tapkins Starfall Fun math games (can ”assign” stuff from a parent account, 1-8 grade ) Learning Scientists The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is going to go live every weekday at 3pm to showcase one of their animals and also give an at home activity EDx (higher level) The Science of Weather: Harvard University (higher level) Energy and Environmental Constraints Health Effects of Climate Change Ethical Hacking Masterclass Online Rocks


Online Schools

Free, and paid, courses to consider online at: Udemy, Coursera, Edx, Udacity Fun Games and Classroom Resources

  • Foster enthusiasm and deep learning by asking your students to collaborate and play the THE BIG CATCH from We Are The Oceans (WATO) today!

  • Interactive marine science from WHOI

  • NASA: For Educators

  • Underwater volcanoes are called seamounts, but you can still learn alot about volcanism and it’s impacts here: EARTH GIRL or choose to help Earth Girl save people from giant ocean waves called TSUNAMIS.

  • Simple but fun plastic pollution games

  • Play: Dumb Ways to Kill The Ocean here

  • Plastics and human health SERC

  • Teaching GeoEthics Across the Geoscience Curriculum

  • How teachers can empower the climate generation

  • Diving into hands on learning

Schools and Community Groups We are available to provide advice, logistical support, materials, and outreach for local school and community groups. If you are a school or community group and would like more information please get in touch with us via email at: Education is the key to opportunity. It’s a ticket out of poverty. – George H.W. Bush For educators Clean Coast Outer Hebrides is available to provide advice on the structured development of existing classroom activities using up to date science-based information. We are trained and are available for consultation on the creation and implementation of:

  • Quantifiable learning objectives

  • Experiential learning activities

  • More inclusive activities

  • Learning objectives and rubrics

  • Flipped classroom pedagogy

  • Learner centered teaching

  • Content and language integrated learning

  • Reducing student apathy and increasing motivation

We also have direct experience of the development and structure of low budget high impact educational experiences (e.g., Barnard et al., 2017), and are able to identify and reach potential corporate and governmental funding streams. Our mission is to empower you, the educators, to develop the next generation of front line classroom activities.

Mass balance of plastics in the marine environment. The large gray arrows indicate fluxes into and out of the marine environment, including potential biodegradation of plastics. The boxes indicate reservoirs of plastic debris, and the black arrows indicate potential pathways of plastics between reservoirs. Fragmentation of plastics caused by weathering and biological processes can occur in all reservoirs, especially when exposed to sunlight (Law, 2017).

Links to Relevant Literature:

  • Review paper on plastic pollution (Law, 2017)

  • Review paper on acoustic pollution (Southall et al., 2019)

  • Derelict fishing gear (ghost nets) paper (Good et al., 2010)

Please contact us at with questions/comments.


  • Learn about microplastics with WHOI magazine here and webinar.

  • Microplastics at WHOI and NOCS

  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization: United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030)

  • STEM Crew: Free Teaching Resources for Science, Design & Technology & Maths

  • Scottish Government Marine Litter Strategy

  • Keep Scotland Beautiful

  • The Wildlife Trust: Living Seas

  • USA Marine Debris Program

  • Migratory Connectivity in the Ocean (MiCO), data mapping migratory species and their interconnectivity in the world’s oceans.

  • A Grain of Sand inspirational consultancy driving positive change

  • Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust education programs

  • Marine Conservation Society

  • Keep Britain Tidy

  • Fidra

  • SERC


  • Surfers Against Sewage Education

  • Parley

  • Summer Institute for Climate Change Education

  • Sky Ocean Rescue

  • Not Whale Food

  • Ecologisers

  • Notplastic

  • Litter Literate Litter Literate: a Zero Waste Scotland Initiative

  • For ocean data visualization we recommend Geomapapp!

  • Awesome information about plastic pollution Oberk (thanks to Mikayla and her awesome assistant for this one!)

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